Majestico was born from the breath of a new America, a land at the end of reason where dogma meets God. Singer/guitar player/brainchild Graham Fitzpenn was raised in an occult outside Houston, TX and was admired for his talent for music magicka. At the age of 25, he renounced these devices and turned from darkness. Marked by a new freedom, he moved to Nashville, TN and created his debut album, “Boundary Conditions” which was released in 2008. Shortly after, he assembled a band and began to travel. A year later, they returned with “Live at Japan,” a record of their appearance on a Japanese television show in 2010 which also ended up on an early Jeffery Drag release, a split cassette with fellow Nashvillians and JDR alumni, Ranch Ghost.

In the summer of 2011, they entered Battletapes Studios with Jeremy Ferguson (Turbo Fruits, Bad Cop, Pujol, Be Your Own Pet)
to record their forthcoming EP “Love is God”. The 7″ is set for release on October 2nd by way of Jeffery Drag Records.