On June 20, 2011 Ranch Ghost was naturally birthed outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Joshua T. D. Meadors, D. Andres Ferro M., Matthew R. Sharer, andTanner Dorsey Lunn began writing hymns of praise to the great corporate deities of modern times. As soon as instruments were introduced, these “hymns” became hazy, jangly, southern-fried psychedelic rock and roll tunes that intentionally haunt the holiest. Preaching and praising in the basements of respectable homes in Nashville and other unsuspecting southeastern cities, they organically gained a following. Releases include: Live at Mt. Swag (cassette) and New News (7″ single) both released by Jeffery Drag Records.

Ranch Ghost has cut their teeth in almost any and all ways imaginable together and thus the tightness of their blues-tinged, gruff surf-rock. The noise that emanates from these four ruffians is heavily reliant on the vibe. Imagine that lone, solitary man on the front porch in Mississippi, playing only for the God within and around, suddenly splitting open – wild with color – and surfing through time and onto a stage where people were flowing forth the rock and the roll. Think Blind Willie McTell giving Ray Charles an Indian rug burn and The Kinks bleeding all over them. This should give you a good sense of what it’s like to hear Ranch Ghost.