Introducing Gemini Eye…

Hello all. we have launched a new Divison of JDR entitled “GeminiEyeRecords” which is home to some of Nashvilles premier rap artist such as BukuSteez, Scotty Rockwell, Big Youth, and BZRK.

So far we have released Big Youth’s “Youth” EP, which was recently featured on Buzzfeed. Check it out:
It is available through soundcloud, spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, and more. Grab it today.

And we’ve also released “BukuCropsey2” which is a collab between BukuSteez and Cropsey. It is the second installment of the series. It is currently only available via Soundcloud  and will be available on Spotify and other streaming platforms next month.

We will also have out Scotty Rockwell’s debut album out before the end of the year. Excited to begin releasing all different types of music.