The journey of Bad Cop is one of tumult, trials, and tribulations, and new single “AlviCass,” features voice of the band Adam Moult interacting with his demons. He argues, bickers, and accuses the subject of the song in a passionate, punchy rock delivery. AlviCass is a throwback to a different time, a time where rock came easy, before the¬†saturation and before the blandness set in.

Bad Cop’s issues have not been private, and dirty laundry has been flung all over the city of Nashville and scenes beyond, but this is Adam Moult closing the door on these issues. This is Bad Cop taking a step in the right direction, and finally putting bullshit and allegations aside to focus on the core of their love: rock.

bad cop - hello mr sunshine

Moult’s passion is obvious and his epithets and anecdotes at the song’s core show how broken he is, but how toxic relationships cannot be held on to, and at the end of the day, Bad Cop must look out for Bad Cop. This song’s core is that of any lost love, and shows how brokenness and one end will inevitably rub off on the person trying to love the broken. AlviCass is a coming of age tale, and closes the door on Adam Moult’s past, with a fitting nod to the pain of the past that bred the anger and emotion that will undoubtedly permeate through Bad Cop’s upcoming album.

If this song is any hint at what is to come, then we are all in for a treat.

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