Well hey there! We have so very much to catch up on.

– Since the signing of new babes Buffalo Rodeo, pre-orders are going fast! Get yours while you can, we’ll have their vinyl ready to ship soon enough! Buy it HERE.
– On the heels of that, they’re planning a vinyl release show on May 21st in town with fellow Jeffery Draggers Western Medication so mark it on your calendars!
– ALSO, they’re gearing up to release their music video for hit single “Blue Sky” (our favorite song) so keep yr eyes on the internet!
– Speaking of blue sky, Buffalo Rodeo is hitting the open road and coming to a city near you! Peep their tour poster and catch them while they’re out and about! Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a hug from Jordan.

– Record Store Day was SO fun, we hope you got to see all of your favorite bands and then some! We’re still streaming exclusive, JDR-only songs from Twin Peaks, Western Medication, Ranch Ghost, and Buffalo Rodeo. All of those songs are UNRELEASED, so listen up and download them while you can! They’re up only until the end of April. Get it HERE!
– We also decided that in honor of Record Store Day, we are running a 50% discount on all physical goods on our website! Enter code “JDRRSD2015” to redeem the code and get as many goodies as your heart desires for half the price! WHAT A DEAL! Check out our store HERE!

– Bad Cop’s song, “Wet Lips,” is now featured in a CAPRISUN commercial! It features a bunch of kids running around and being kids aka perfect Caprisun moment. Watch it online HERE, and then get your hands on the split 7″ featuring the song “Wet Lips,” and also Turbo Fruits’ song  “Love Tennessee” HERE.

– We have some cool releases lined up for the summer and fall! STAY TUNED!