SO, not very long ago, we were sent a rough recording of an album that was recorded by a young, promising band of friends. We took a second and listened to the album on a cold night at Cafe Coco, and right off the bat, we knew it was going to be incredible.

123 Water by Buffalo Rodeo is our latest and greatest upcoming release. The album in full is being pressed on a delicious, black, 10″ vinyl that’ll make your head spin as fast your record player.

Orders for the album go up on Friday, March 6th, and with the purchase of the vinyl you get a free digital download of the album as well! The vinyl also includes interludes between songs to create a seamless listening experience, and artwork that is unique to the vinyl release. WHAT A STEAL!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. Welcome to the family, Buffalo Rodeo! Check out their tour dates on their artist page HERE, listen to their single “Blue Sky” off of 123 Water HERE, and like them on Facebook HERE!

And if all of that doesn’t make you tear right up, here’s a video that Nate made for the release of the album: