Bad Cop has had such a huge week. They just released their latest and greatest EP, Wish You Well…and Goodbye, for FREE and we’re so excited about it! Stream it down below and check out all of their huge press mentions. If you’re feeling fancy, download the full 3-song EP for free HERE!

NOISEY premiered the single the other week! Thanks Noisey, we love you!
PURE VOLUME talked to Bad Cop’s frontman (and Jeffery Drag head honcho) Adam about the new EP, and also put the title track up for free download.
IMPOSE did a track-by-track review for the EP on their website and put it up to stream. “Look out as label founder/operator/frontman Adam Christopher Moult, with Kevin Kilpatrick, and Karl Edwin Merkley once again assert their rightful place in the Nashville royal indie court of smart, snarling derelicts of distinction.”
GQ featured Bad Cop, and fellow Jeffery Drag label-mates Penicillin Baby and BZRK in their “Punch List.”